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A veneer is a covering that improves the appearance of an object. As dentistry has evolved, veneer treatments have been developed to improve the look of teeth that have been damaged, worn down, stained, or cosmetically compromised in some way. At Brentwood Family Dental, California patients receive outstanding results from porcelain dental veneers, which achieve natural beauty that lasts.

A porcelain veneer is a very thin sheath of porcelain that is designed in the specific size, shape, and color to enhance a tooth beautifully. Individual veneers are made in a dental lab to the exact specifications requested and, upon completion, are assessed on teeth before being bonded to the front surface as needed. Veneers are placed on individual teeth ranging from a single tooth to every visible tooth, depending on the extent of enhancement the patient desires.

When veneer treatment was first developed, materials and techniques were not as advanced as they are today. Many people who were treated with this cosmetic procedure in the past achieved beautiful results, but they may have been lacking some of the characteristics seen in natural enamel. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury has treated many patients with porcelain veneers with outstanding results. The porcelain used in dentistry today is made to refract light and achieve the translucency and opalescence to produce the most natural-looking smiles.

There are various aspects to cosmetic dentistry, only one of which is the type of procedure performed. In addition to offering the basic service of veneers, Dr. Alkhoury provides his patients with carefully selected materials and excellent techniques. A part of results is material, but artistry is also involved in the creation of a beautifully natural smile. Using his innate artistic ability and an eye for proportions, Dr. Alkhoury designs veneers to complement not only surrounding teeth the face as a whole.

Your smile is one of your greatest assets, saying a lot about you before you speak a word. Let the Brentwood Family Dental team help you rediscover your best smile with care planned around your specific needs. Call 925-344-5296 today. Back to Veneers Home Page
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