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Rating: 5 Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Shauna T
Dr Jamil Alkhoury, DDS Reviewed by
Shauna T

The staff is very friendly and very helpful. The doctor is also a creative genius! I get so many compliments on my teeth and have referred my friends and family to him as well.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By JoAnn F Dr. Alkoury makes you feel good as a patient, always praising you for taking good care of your teeth and gums. When he took some pictures of my new implant, I felt like a model! ~ JoAnn F
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Kacey C They are friendly and proficient. The hygienist is gentle yet effective, my teeth feel very clean.
They really care about your health. I recommend them for all. I especially love that they allowed me to bring my 1 1/2 year old in for a quick check, and to allow him to get introduced to having a dental check up. The have an adult side and a kids side. I love that it is a Family dental office. ~ Kacey C
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Mary H. Not only did they give me a local anesthetic to make sure I didn't feel any pain during my procedure, they paused every few minutes to make sure I was still comfortable and okay. I felt like they really cared about me. Whenever I make an appointment, I'm always confident that they're going to be ready for me at my scheduled time. At other places I've been to, it's always bothered me when they postpone my appointment, but they've never done that here. The office was easy enough to find. It's always uncomfortable having to sit through a dental procedure when they use really cold or hot water to rinse your teeth, but they didn't do that here. They made sure that I was comfortable with the water's temperature. ~ Mary H.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Briana B Not only did the crowns, fillings, and veneers I got last for a long time, they lasted way longer than they were supposed to. It was great not having to go in and get them redone all the time. I could tell that they did a fantastic job putting them in. I'm always amazed at how considerate and concerned they are for my well-being. Their advice is always wonderful and completely unbiased. All the equipment at this office is state-of-the-art. I feel very safe here because I know it's safe and current. ~ Briana B
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Deborah H. Dr. Alkoury is a master in perfecting your smile by designing a smile that is natural and beautiful. I had several teeth change due to Chemotherapy side effects, my teeth turned brown and decayed. Dr. Alkoury was challenged by my case, he carefully took care of each tooth, designed and had crowns made to make my smile better than ever......I am thrilled, thank you Dr. Alkoury! By the way, his staff are lovely people, on task and helpful with great follow-up. Blessings to you, Deborah ~ Deborah H.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Deborah H. Excellent

I had 2 fillings done by Dr. Alkhoury and I was very pleased with his work. It was quick and painless and esthetically pleasing as well (you can not tell where the fillings are)... absolutely excellent work!

Was this review helpful to you? ~ Nicole B.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Debra D. The best Denist I have ever had!

I am a 42 year old woman who has unfortunately had to have many dental procedures done in my life, so I feel I am a great candidate to write a review regarding dental care, pricing and service. I will not bore you with too many details but would like to write this; I have had a stay plate in, for my front bottom two teeth for 15 years, they are not supposed to last that long (and don't) I have had so much pain with ulcers on my gums, bleeding and mainly the embarrassment of having to take them out when I get these ulcers.( I was married 2 years before my husband even knew I had one) I have been told I should have a bridge and have been given many quotes on pricing but because it is for 4 teeth total the quote has always been for over $2,000, that includes Parkway Dental which I have gone to for the past three years. Two weeks ago my dentist could not fit me in, so I went to Brentwood Family Dental I went in crying so hard from the pain I had a migraine. The dentist said what every other dentist had said "Take the teeth out and throw them away and most importantly get a bridge". I explained that I was limited on funds and he gave me a quote for more than 75% cheaper than my dentist gave me the week prior!. I could not believe it!!! For the first time in 15 years I do not have to worry about missing work, or having pain due to that stay plate ever again. I can not tell you how happy this Dentist has made me, I cried every time I thought about it for two days. Not only was the price unbelievable, but the staff was wonderful and caring, they even called me the following day to make sure I was OK. Obviously I have since told every one I can about the personal care that was given to me and the low cost of the service, but my life has been changed by this experience and I felt compelled to write a review. Trust me if I can leave a dentist office with a beautiful smile - anyone can. ~ Debra D.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Todd A. Extremely professional!

Dr. Alkhoury is the most professional dentist i have had. Giving him a "world class" rating require little thought; he's the best.the best. I'm not alone. Dr. Alkhoury was recently featured on local Bay Area KRON 4's "Best of the Bay" because, well, he's the best! My two boys ages 9 and 5 look forward to seeing him because they know he cares. He doesn't just "fix" or "service" our teeth. Without getting TOO poetic, he treats them like a canvas and takes immense pride in his work. He stands behind ALL of his work and is extremely confident in regard to his performance. Anyone new to the area looking for a dentist, or considering a change (to the best dentist), should definitely give Dr. Alkhoury a chance to win them over. As an educator in the area, he comes highly regarded by many of us and our families in the area. Was this review helpful to you? ~ Todd A.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Lee N. By Far, Best Dentist I have ever had

I had experienced a broken crown and my regular Dentist was unable to see me. Dr. Alkhoury was able to get me in right away.
Like most people, I hate going to the Dentist but Dr. Alkhoury and his staff quickly put my fears to rest. The first thing that caught my eye were all the awards that he had received. Next was the "Best of Brentwood" Certificates that were hanging on the walls. And the most impressive, were all the paintings that Dr. Alkhoury does in his spare time.
What I learned about Dr. Alkhoury was not only did he have a great sense of humor, but he is as much a perfectionist with Dentistry as he is with his paintings. He treats each patient like they are a work of art.
On the three visits I have had with Dr. Alkhoury, I never experienced any discomfort and my mouth has felt better than it has in years.
I have sinced switch Dentists. Dr. Alkhoury is my primary care Dentist now.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for exceptional care. Even if you hate going to the Dentist.
Thanks Doc! ~ Lee N.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Michelle C. Thank You!

I wanted to thank you all for taking care of me in my time of emergency! You were all very caring and concerned. Golf carts are dangerous, especially when you fall out of them. I thought I had ruined my smile and was devastated.
Dr. Alkhoury you made it possible to smile again! I can see how much pride you must have when you take something so dreadful and make it beautiful again. I love my porcelain teeth, maybe even better than my original teeth.
I am very grateful to you and and your staff, this is something I will not forget.
Sincerely, ~ Michelle C.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By M. Hermes, MD Top Cosmetic Dentist

I had my veneers done by Dr. Alkhoury 8 years ago, they still look good and I still get so many complements. Dr. Alkhoury is truly an artist, perfectionist and very professional, kind staff and great choice. Congratulation on your BEST IN BRENTWOOD FOR 2006, 2007 AND YOUR NEW NOMINATION FOR AMERICA'S TOP DENTIST 2008. ~ M. Hermes, MD
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By Cynthia O If you are looking for a dentist for regular dental maintenance or if you need extensive services (like myself), you can't go wrong with Brentwood Family Dental. Dr. Alkhoury and his staff are not only knowledgeable and skilled in providing dental care, but it is obvious that they actually care about their clients. Their use of the latest in techniques and equipment made what could have been a very uncomfortable procedure actually bearable. And it's always nice to receive their follow-up calls and texts to find out how I am doing the next day. ~ Cynthia O.
Dentist Brentwood - Five Star Reviews By John C My husband and I have had a great experience with Brentwood Family Dentist. If you want it done right this is the place to go, I am one who hated going to the dentist, but they have changed me and I will be getting my 6 months check-ups from now on ! ~ John C
Dentist Brentwood - Reviews for Dr. Alkohoury
Our Mission
Our goals are changing how you perceive Dentistry, making your dental visit as pleasant as possible and simplifying all your insurance paperwork; Your comfort is our priority and your satisfaction is our backbone. Let us take charge and be your dental provider, with Dr. Alkhoury's artistic touch and our friendly staff, you'll be glad you did!
Dentist Brentwood - Dr Jamil Alkhoury, DDS
Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Just a Thought!

Brentwood Dentist, Dr Jamil Alkhoury, DDS

One of the most rewarding things in Dentistry is when I see happiness in patient's eyes with a beautiful smile I just painted, that's when you know that Dentistry is not as terrible as almost everyone thinks, it is a joy as "joy of painting"… that's when I know that I just made a difference in someone's life and my mission is to bring this joy to your life!

These video testimonials are from actual patients treated by Dr. Alkhoury after their consent to display their testimonials , results are not the same and may vary.

Joy of Art and Joy of Dentistry
I love painting as much as I love Dentistry, it may sound crazy first, giving the fact that almost everyone hates coming to the dentist! I started first as an artist, a gifted child grew up loving nature and oil painting then fell in love with Dentistry, determined to change how patients perceive Dental Art...
As a Dentist, I have devoted my career to paint beautiful smiles & enhance the self-esteem of my Patients. My new painting, "Back to reality", is sad but warm, in spite of it is cloudy day "gloomy", there is always sun trying to break though! Don't lose hope!
"The Dr.'s artistic talents come through in his dental work; he is a gifted artist and Dentist. Thank you Dr. Alkhoury and thank you to your staff for always taking care of my dental needs. There is no better Dentist! " - Daniela P.

Click here to read more about what real patients think of Dr. Alkhoury and Brentwood Family Dental. Do you have this kind of relationship with your dentist in Brentwood? Does your dentist offer a full range of services such as:
  • Aesthetic Dentistry – It’s easy to find a doctor called a "cosmetic dentist" in Brentwood, CA. But if you want a comprehensive approach to enhance your inner beauty with the finest materials and an artist’s touch; if you want lovely, natural looking teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns and bridges, and more, you want an "aesthetic dentist."
"I had my veneers done by Dr. Alkhoury 8 years ago, they still look good and I still get so many complements.” - Mary H.
  • Family Dentistry including pediatrics and orthodontics for a lifetime of gentle oral care from a staff who treats you with compassion.
  • Preventive dentistry with an emphasis on your overall health through hygiene and management of gum disease.
  • Restorative Dentistry - fillings, root canal therapy, and dentures to restore function to your bite and a smile to your face! Dr. Alkhoury is the premier dental implant dentist in Brentwood.
"My smile is one of my special gifts that I love. This wonderful dentist saved my teeth, spoke with me regarding care of my teeth, and kept me calm throughout the whole dental procedure.” - Chante R.T
  • Convenient Dentistry - We respect your busy schedule and know that there are places you’d rather be than in the dentist’s chair. Procedures like our 20 Minutes Smile and Tooth in a Day get you on your way quickly and painlessly.
Dr. Alkhoury is pleased to announce a unique approach to giving you a gorgeous, healthier smile. It's called LaserProx Orthodontics, and it is not available anywhere except Brentwood Family Dental. LaserProx Orthodontics utilizes laser energy and lightweight NiTi archwires to gently deliver straight smiles in just three to four months. This method is effective and requires minimal proximal reduction (removal of enamel between teeth).

LaserProx Orthodontics is just one more example of Dr. Alkhoury's commitment to continued improvement in patient care. It enhances all aspects of Brentwood Family Dental's service menu - aesthetic, family, preventive, restorative, and convenient.

You deserve this kind of personalized care. Call today for an appointment with the Brentwood dentist patients love.

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Dentist Brentwood - Dental Crowns  and Bridges Before Image 4 Dentist Brentwood - Dental Crowns  and Bridges After Image 4
Dentist Brentwood - Teeth Whitening Before Image 5 Dentist Brentwood - Teeth Whitening After Image 5
Dentist Brentwood - Dentures and Partials Before Image 6 Dentist Brentwood - Dentures and Partials After Image 6
These are actual patients treated by Dr. Jamil Alkhoury
- "Before" and "after" results may not occur for all patients. -

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