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Implant Dentist Brentwood - A 3D Imaging Instrument The word "imagine" stems from the Latin word for "image" or "mental picture." Imagination is one of the most wonderful characteristics of the human mind. It allows us to creatively solve problems and lets our artistic talents flourish, as we see outcomes in our minds that aren't yet visible anywhere else. But where your health and your mouth are concerned, your dentist needs more than imagination and an artistic touch. He needs the latest technology to ensure that your combined vision for an ideal smile becomes a reality. Three dimensional imaging is an effective tool for precise, predictable results!

Implant Dentist Brentwood - A 3D Imaging Diagram 1 Dr. Jamil Alkhoury feels that his patients deserve the most advanced methods available for planning dental procedures. An investment in 3D imaging equipment, and training for himself and the team at Brentwood Family Dental illustrates that commitment.

Implant Dentist Brentwood - A 3D Imaging Diagram 2 The Invivo device from Anatomage combines cone beam technology with intuitive, volumetric software. The imaging process is brief and simple for the patient – completely painless. You relax in the chair while the Brentwood team uses the Invivo camera to develop images and measurements.

Implant Dentist Brentwood - A 3D Imaging Diagram 3 What does that mean to your dentist? It means that he sees a complete picture of your mouth from all angles and at every tissue depth. The machine produces a rendering of extremely high quality that allows Dr. Alkhoury to plan the minutest details of your procedure, before your appointment even begins.

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"Dr Alkhoury is terrific with both the latest equipment and latest techniques. He stands behind his work and makes certain that everything is done to perfection. "

What does it mean to you? When Dr. Alkhoury is able to see clear details of teeth, roots, bone, airways, and soft tissues he is able to design a precise plan for dental implantation. The software also allows him to communicate that plan to you clearly and graphically. It means there are no surprises during the procedure, and little chance of unforeseen delays in recovery.

This amazing method of visualization may be used to simulate surgery in preparation for your procedure, or "real time" for guided oral surgery with a level of clarity never before possible. Three dimensional imaging also has application in the preparation of crowns, in orthodontics, and in treating TMJ.

You might approach a blank canvas with only your imagination to guide your hand. But for a work of art as important as your smile, wouldn't you prefer that the dentist utilized the benefit of 3D imaging in planning your dental implant? Call Dr. Alkhoury today on (925) 344-5296 for dentistry that combines creativity and technology.

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