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Dentistry has changed significantly throughout history. Centuries ago, ancient peoples used shells, or other people’s teeth as some of the earliest forms of tooth replacement. In the past, cavities and other dental problems would mean the loss of a tooth or teeth. The entire concept of cosmetic dentistry was born only within recent decades. Even today, there are continual advances in technology pushing dentistry to new levels.

Your dentist near Discovery Bay, CA believes in keeping up with innovation. By continuing to educate ourselves in the new and improved techniques, technologies, and products that become available, we create better dental experiences for our patients. Dr. Alkhoury and the dental team at Brentwood Family Dentistry incorporate various modalities that have been proven efficient and successful in promoting healthy smiles.

One of the ways dental technology has improved is the development of 3D imaging. For decades, the standard has been to capture x-ray images on film as a way to view areas both above and below the gums. The clinical experience has been dramatically improved in our office with the inclusion of advanced imaging.

Brentwood Family Dentistry is equipped with cone beam 3D imaging via the Invivo device. This technology has the ability to take all the guesswork out of the treatment planning process. Using high-quality 3D images, rather than standard x-ray films, we are given comprehensive, extremely accurate information in regards to each patient’s unique oral anatomy.

With 3D imaging, we are able to design a digital model of the patient’s mouth. This allows us to communicate the treatment options most suitable to accomplish the desired outcome, and to include the patient in his or her own treatment planning by showing them exactly what will occur during a recommended procedure.

Our patients enjoy the benefits of a better understanding of treatment as well as the reduced treatment times and predictable results that are made possible with 3D imaging. These benefits are achieved through the creation of a precise surgical guide using exact imaging of the oral structure.

Our team is committed to providing the highest standard of care. Contact us for your appointment today, and benefit from advanced dental technology.

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