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"The office staff is very professional and friendly. The Doctor is very talented. I went in to have a chipped tooth fixed. The doctor fixed me up in 20 minutes and did an amazing job. You can't tell which tooth was reconstructed. I highly recommend Brentwood Family Dental. Excellent cosmetic dentistry."
These video testimonials are from actual patients treated by Dr. Alkhoury after their consent to display their testimonials , results are not the same and may vary.
Cosmetic Dentist Brentwood CA - Cosmetic Dentistry Patient testimonials video 1 There is an element of artistry in all dental practice. But, nowhere is it more essential than in a cosmetic dental procedure. In Dr. Jamil Alkhoury's hands you are assured of attention to perfection.

At Brentwood Family Dental, we refer to these procedures as "aesthetic dentistry" because our creativity is more than superficial – it enhances the beauty within the patient. Instead of someone saying, "Wow, you got your tooth fixed," you might expect a friend to look very closely and comment that you simply look terrific.

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These are actual patients treated by Dr. Jamil Alkhoury - "Before" and "after" results may not occur for all patients.
Aesthetic dentistry is an elective improvement to the overall look of the face. As we age, our facial appearance changes. We develop furrows at the corners of the mouth, gums recede, teeth get shorter, break, darken, and wear down. Aesthetic dentistry can restore a more youthful appearance and impart a real boost to the patient's self-esteem.

Veneers are one example of aesthetic restoration. Typically these are a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the face of one or more teeth to improve color, shape, and size.

Following your consultation, we remove a very small amount of the tooth surface and create an impression. We craft temporary veneers, with a great deal of input from you, trying various shapes and sizes until we agree on the most attractive look. We strive to see your vision; then we make it a reality.

A lab uses the impression to fabricate porcelain laminates, which we then cement to the teeth for a flawless, durable outcome.

Although not as long-lasting as porcelain, we can also do a more economical "chair side" veneer, fabricated on-site of resin-based material.

Cosmetic Dentist Brentwood CA - Cosmetic Dentistry Patient testimonials video 2 With good care, your porcelain veneers will last many, many years. While we can help create a breathtaking smile, proper home care is vitally important. Oral hygiene for your restorations, just like for your natural teeth, must include flossing and brushing, and regular dental cleanings. Smoking, alcohol abuse, and use of recreational drugs can shorten the lifespan of your new smile.

Our artistry in the design and delivery of your aesthetic procedure is unmistakable when you compare your "before" and "after" photos.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury
Dr Jamil Alkhoury believes dentists to be artists. Taking care of another person’s teeth is definitely an art in which Dr Jamil Alkhoury is an expert. Having graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with a degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, he has always focused on the well-being of his patients. Brentwood family dental headed by Dr Jamil Alkhoury offers a wide range of services. He always keeps in touch with the developments in the field, to serve his purpose to the best of his abilities.

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