Straightening the smile doesn't always require conventional braces. Metal brackets and wires can hide the smile during months-even years-of traditional orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, Dr. Alkhoury and the team at Brentwood Family Dental offer LaserProx™, which can provide faster, more affordable results than alternatives such as Invisalign®.

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LaserProx™ (a proprietary name trademarked by Dr. Alkhoury) is different from comprehensive orthodontics. It involves using low-level cold laser therapy in conjunction with thinner orthodontic wires to produce faster results with less pain and discomfort. The name LaserProx™ comes from combining cold laser Class 4 therapy with minimal proximal reduction using light NiTi arch wires. These thinner wires use "memory shaping," which is key to repositioning teeth and getting them straighter, faster. The laser therapy reduces inflammation around the roots of the teeth caused by movement. Orthodontic treatment is an inflammatory process, and by reducing or even eliminating the inflammation, teeth will reposition themselves faster. Most patients experience results in as little as three to four months with impressive results.

LaserProx Brentwood - A Patient having LaserProx treatment The two key components of LaserProx™ are low-level laser therapy and minimal proximal reduction. Using light NiTi arch wires have been shown in scientific studies to be effective in (1) reducing discomfort and pain from orthodontic treatment and (2) accelerating orthodontic tooth movement. Links to selected scientific articles are provided below under "Related Articles."

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"I have been a dental patient at Brentwood Family Dental for two years and just four months ago, I decided to have braces using the Laser Prox method developed and patented by my dentist. Within THREE months my process was completed and just TODAY I am out of my braces! My teeth are healthy and my smile is to die for! My dentist is the best! He is a Read More...

This same laser therapy has also been used for other applications besides orthodontics. It has been used in surgical procedures to reduce post-operative symptoms for problems such as craniofacial pain disorders (including TMJ, TMD, and myofascial pain) and helping with trigger points for muscle pain.

There are many ways to realign the smile. While the most conventional method includes visiting an orthodontist for metal braces, other patients may learn about the advantages of Invisalign®. However, LaserProx™ is in a category all by itself. It allows patients to enjoy better realignment faster and in a less expensive manner than other methods. This technology is unique to Dr. Alkhoury's practice, and provides patients with yet another solution for misaligned teeth. Patients with mild to moderate misalignment can use LaserProx™ to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile without breaking the bank!

If you are located in the Brentwood, California area and are interested in learning more about LaserProx orthodontics, contact the team at Brentwood Family Dental to educate yourself on the benefits of LaserProx™ versus alternative treatments such as Invisalign® and traditional metal braces. We would be happy to provide you with the knowledge to make the best decision regarding your smile.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury
Dr Jamil Alkhoury believes dentists to be artists. Taking care of another person’s teeth is definitely an art in which Dr Jamil Alkhoury is an expert. Having graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with a degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, he has always focused on the well-being of his patients. Brentwood family dental headed by Dr Jamil Alkhoury offers a wide range of services. He always keeps in touch with the developments in the field, to serve his purpose to the best of his abilities.

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