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Brentwood Family Dental is proud to achieve subtle or dramatic changes in your smile with a quick dental fix. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury uses his skills and artistic talents to enhance your smile in just 20 minutes. You could be in and out of our office on your lunch break! A resin composite can straighten and brighten your smile with amazing speed. Fast, easy and reversible, a 20 Minutes Smile can improve how you feel instantly. Visible flaws such as gaps, stains, chips, pits, and fractures can all be repaired with this procedure. It is a great alternative to porcelain veneers, which take about three weeks to complete. Slight tooth preparation, no impressions, no waiting for an outside lab to fabricate restorations, your 20 minutes smile is performed in our office by our caring staff.

Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 1 Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 2 Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 3 Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 4 Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 5 Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile before and after the treatment 6
These are actual patients treated by Dr. Jamil Alkhoury - "Before" and "after" results may not occur for all patients.
So now, for a broken tooth or discoloration, you can have a procedure that will get you back on track faster. 20 minutes smile can change your life for the better with one simple and quick visit. With no shots involved, a beautiful smile is just minutes away. This procedure is affordable, painless, effective, and brings your smile back to life with one quick dental visit. If you have spacing issues that are bothering you, 20 minutes smile can make them disappear. Whitening, straightening, and shaping are all easily accomplished with Dr. Alkhoury’s 20 minutes smile.

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"Dr. Alkhoury is simply the BEST! Our family has been going to Brentwood Family Dental for years and even when we moved we couldn't find a better dentist. So despite the commute we came back to him because no one else was on his level. From his receptionist to the hygienist we always receive the best care.Read More...

Brentwood Dentistry - 20 Minutes Smile Patient testimonials video 20 minutes smile is suitable for all patients and is convenient and reversible. With no post-procedure sensitivity, you won’t have to worry about it interrupting your life. You’ll feel and look better than ever in just 20 minutes. The artistry performed with a resin composite will fill gaps and spaces and ultimately design a new look for your teeth. Dr. Alkhoury can revamp your smile and your self-esteem. You’ll experience no down time and there are no follow up visits to finish the job. It is all completed on your 20 minutes smile appointment! You can count on gentle care, effective treatments, and results only an artist can achieve, when you visit Brentwood Family Dentistry.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury
Dr Jamil Alkhoury believes dentists to be artists. Taking care of another person’s teeth is definitely an art in which Dr Jamil Alkhoury is an expert. Having graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with a degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, he has always focused on the well-being of his patients. Brentwood family dental headed by Dr Jamil Alkhoury offers a wide range of services. He always keeps in touch with the developments in the field, to serve his purpose to the best of his abilities.

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