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Get the gorgeous smile you deserve with sedation dentistry in Brentwood, CA

As a dental professional, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury knows the importance of a healthy mouth to your comfort and overall wellness. As an artist, he understands the vital role your smile plays in the appearance of your entire face. Because Dr. Alkhoury believes that every patient deserves a healthy, gorgeous smile, he offers IV sedation dentistry at Brentwood Family Dental in Brentwood, CA.

Why choose IV sedation?

Do you avoid a trip to the dentist because of anxiety? Gentle IV sedation allows you to relax physically and emotionally, to get the care you need. Safe IV sedation is also an excellent choice for oral surgeries and pediatric patients.

Brentwood Family Dental

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"Not only did they give me a local anesthetic to make sure I didn't feel any pain during my procedure, they paused every few minutes to make sure I was still comfortable and okay. I felt like they really cared about me. Read More...

IV deep sedation is administered into your blood stream. You breathe on your own but are unaware of the sights, sounds, and activities around you. Your vital signs are monitored throughout treatment, and you are not left alone. Patients have no recollection of the appointment afterward. This deep level of relaxation allows Dr. Alkhoury to provide efficient treatment, and it speeds healing.

Highly-qualified care

In keeping with his commitment to the highest level of patient care, Dr. Alkhoury brings a sedation professional to Brentwood Family Dental. Dr. Diane Belli graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, then completed general practice residency and an anesthesiology residency. She worked in a number of children’s dental surgery centers, administering anesthesia to thousands of children. “Dr. Diane,” as she is affectionately known, for her soothing manner, now has a mobile dental general anesthesia practice.

Why dream about the smile you’d like to have, when you can dream while you get it? Dr. Alkhoury is pleased to partner with Dr. Diane Belli to bring gentle IV sedation dentistry to patients in the Brentwood, CA area. Call 925-344-5296 to schedule an appointment.

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review author Marcia Christyne Blick Brentwood Family Dental, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury, 5 star review by Marcia Christyne Blick " I have been with Dr. Alkworthy for about 6 years. I have had mouth alignment to crowns, to massive dental makeover for front teeth. He is at the top of his profession for precision dental work if that is what you are are looking for. He makes certain you are happy at all costs and having a colorful history of a few painful dentist I can tell you with a certain amount of authority his work is painless. I am certain of all I say, as the dental work I have had with him, has been intensive. I keep coming back, so I do trust him. He likes to call himself an artist with teeth and I am certain that is one description however, I call him an advanced Dental Expert in his field - who continues to stay on top of the latest Dental Procedures and Prides himself in being an expert, in each new one he learns. All of this, will Cost you, also, they like to be paid in full, prior to beginning the work. He can be blunt at times but usually he's telling truth whether you want to hear it or not. He wants to make you happy and love your pain free smile. "
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