3D scan technology used by your dentist near Walnut Creek in implant planning

Dental implants have changed the way dentists meet patients' needs for tooth replacement. For many years, implants have provided an alternative for dental bridges and dentures, which are more efficient at restoring aesthetics than optimal function. Since the development of this treatment, improvements in implant dentistry have been made, allowing even more options for the full restoration of the smile.

Dr. Alkhoury is an experienced dentist who offers implant treatment in the conventional way, and same day restoration with the teeth in a day service. This innovative treatment allows patients all the benefits of dental implants without the wait for implants to integrate fully into the jawbone before replacement teeth can be affixed.

Planning for same-day teeth

When you visit Dr. Alkhoury for the same day teeth procedure, his extensive experience is put to work for your best interest. Initial consultations consist of a thorough discussion in which a complete history is taken. Dr. Alkhoury wants to hear your smile concerns, and understand what you wish to accomplish through implant treatment. If you have had any previous experiences with implants or other tooth replacement treatments, you can provide details at this time. This initial step is intended to determine if same day implant treatment is right for you.

Planning for same day tooth implants also includes a thorough exam of teeth and gums, and a review of any current x-rays. Additionally, a 3D scan will be taken in our office near Walnut Creek. This 3D imaging is far superior to standard high-resolution imaging, showing your dentist the location of bone, nerves, and other structures significant to implant placement.

The long-term success of dental implant treatment is largely dictated by the planning process, and complemented by ongoing oral hygiene after treatment. Using 3D technology in planning for implant placement, your dentist has the necessary information to determine the best placement for implants based on your existing structure and overall need for function.

We believe our patients deserve the best technology dentistry has to offer. We are proud to incorporate 3D imaging into appropriate treatment planning. Contact Dr. Alkhoury's office in Brentwood to learn more about our technology, or to schedule your consultation.

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