Brentwood Family Dentistry - Article ImageEvery January 1st almost 50% of Americans make at least one resolution. Less than 10% of them achieve success.


Brentwood Family Dentistry wants to help you both make a resolution and easily keep it. 2017 is the year for your smile to really shine. Make the resolution to enhance the appearance of your teeth and we can help you keep that resolution in an hour or less.


ZOOM! System teeth whitening: In about 60 minutes, our in-office treatment can dramatically whiten your teeth. You can have success in less time than it takes to watch two episodes of your favorite show!


20 Minutes Smile: For something even faster than an hour, see us about our 20 Minutes Smile procedure. Resin composite is used to help your teeth appear straighter and brighter in less time than your lunch break!


Let us make 2017 the year of your best smile!