Dealing with Premature Tooth Loss in Kids in Brentwood

Losing a tooth as a child can be an exciting time and a rite of passage for most children. When the new tooth pushes the primary or baby tooth out, some wiggling or a good bite of apple can lead to a lucrative visit from the tooth fairy. However, when a tooth – either a primary tooth or a permanent tooth – is lost prematurely, it can lead to oral health problems for the child.


In childhood, premature tooth loss is typically due to trauma, such as a fall or getting hit in the mouth with a baseball. While many parents think that losing a baby tooth isn’t a big deal because they child would have lost it eventually, it actually can affect spacing of the permanent teeth. Without the baby tooth, the permanent tooth is also more likely to come in crooked or out of alignment.


Parents often ask what they should do if a child loses a tooth. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury has been providing regular and emergency dental care to patients of all ages in Brentwood, California for many years. He indicates that parents should attempt to save the tooth and get to a hospital or dental office immediately. Not only is time of the essence when trying to replant a lost tooth, but the area needs to be examined for bone fragments or other damage to the tissue of the mouth. On route to the hospital, the tooth should be placed into milk, if possible, or water.


As with most childhood accidents, losing a tooth can’t always be prevented. However, there are some things that parents can do to help minimize the risk. First, understand that the tooth roots and gums of a child are still developing. This is why children tend to lose permanent teeth more frequently than adults. Ensure that children always wear a mouth guard while playing sports, establish proper dental care habits, and have an emergency dental care plan that includes important phone numbers and information about what to do in the case of a tooth loss situation.

The Importance of a Regular Dental Check Ups and Good Oral Care Habits in Brentwood

Good Oral Care Habits

Your smile is important. Not only is it a critical part of your appearance that can improve your self-esteem and confidence, but your mouth and teeth also give you the ability to eat and to speak. Keeping your smile looking good can improve your confidence which leads to better business and professional relationships. Meanwhile keeping your mouth healthy has a direct impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Many studies have shown that gum inflammation or infection of the mouth can reach your bloodstream and lead to health concerns such as strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. By ensuring that your mouth says free of tooth decay and gum disease, you can improve your chances of better overall wellness.


Dr. Jamil Alkhoury of Brentwood Family Dental is committed to helping patients improve the health of their mouth by providing them with the skills and knowledge that they need to care for their teeth and gums. This includes education about potential oral health problems, tips for how to avoid those problems, advice about proper nutrition, and help mastering techniques such as brushing and flossing. Further, through regular dental checkups, the team can help ensure that a patient’s at-home oral habits are working and can quickly spot any trouble areas before they progress into bigger problems.


Dr. Alkhoury works with patients of all ages – from children who are just cutting their first set of teeth to adults who have been brushing for many years. As a family practice, Dr. Alkhoury is able to develop relationships with the families that come to him for dental care. He understands the family history and builds a trusting relationship with the entire family.  He and the Brentwood Family Dental team are available to help parents learn how to help their children adopt good oral care habits, while also ensuring that their own mouths, and bodies, stay healthy.


If you live in the Brentwood area and are looking for more information about keeping your family’s oral health in top shape, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alkhoury call our office today.

Respected dental practice in Brentwood offers teeth whitening options

Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products promise brighter smiles. However, the safest and most effective whitening methods are found in a dental office. At Brentwood Family Dental, we provide options for attaining a brighter smile that are tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient.


We take the time to examine the mouth, teeth, and gums before recommending the best treatment for a patient. There are several reasons teeth become discolored including the consumption of certain foods and beverages, the natural process of aging, and smoking. Black teas and coffee, white and red wine, sports drinks, carbonated beverages, berries, and sauces are among the stain culprits that can leave a smile looking dull. Permanent stains can be left by medications such as tetracycline or excessive fluoride (fluorosis). When these stains are more difficult to remove with whitening, we may recommend another treatment.


We understand many of our patients are busy. Some patients need brighter smiles before attending a reunion or professional engagement. Our in-office whitening procedure may be most appealing to them. In about an hour, they can walk away with smiles up to eight shades brighter.


The Zoom! whitening system is utilized during our in-office treatment. We carefully protect the gums before applying a bleaching gel to the teeth. We then utilize a special light to activate the bleaching agents. We repeat this process a few times during the appointment to achieve optimal results.


Our take home system is another option we offer patients. Although the process takes about two weeks, patients can whiten their teeth in the comfort of home. After a consultation, we will take impressions of the mouth. These are used to customize whitening trays. We provide whitening trays and bleaching gel with instructions for achieving the best results. Patients can count on smiles up to four shades brighter.


For permanent tooth stains, we may recommend our 20 Minutes Smile. This involves placing composite resin on the affected teeth. The material blends naturally with the smile. Another treatment is porcelain veneers. These wafer thin shells can be placed over permanently stained teeth.


The Brentwood Family Dental team would love to help you attain the smile you desire. To schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury, call 925-344-5296.

Why choose a Brentwood, CA area practice that focuses on family dentistry?

Family dentistry is desirable for households who want to work with the same dentist for all their needs. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and the team at Brentwood Family Dental in Brentwood, CA encourage patients of all ages to visit their practice and learn about all they have to offer. His team is well-versed in providing pediatric care, including preventative solutions, restoration, and even orthodontics.


Brentwood Family Dental has a wide range of solutions for patients of all ages. They believe in monitoring the dental health of children as soon as possible. This starts with their initial appointment at when their first teeth erupt through the gum line. Typically, this occurs within the first year of life. A dentist can examine the smile and ensure the teeth are coming in as expected. X-rays may be done to monitor the position of teeth and make sure there is enough room for them to erupt in line. Preventative measures may be taken such as the extraction of teeth if it appears as though overcrowding may be an issue.


As children age, they may also be candidates for orthodontic treatments. Our practice offers both traditional metal bracket and wire braces or a treatment known as Invisalign as a more discreet alternative. Invisalign uses plastic trays that are clear and snap over the dental arch to gently reposition the smile. Invisalign is highly encouraged for patients who comply with treatment and want to improve their smiles without the appearance of brackets and wires.


We also provide other services for children including:

  • Sealants
  • Fluoride applications
  • Extractions
  • Examinations
  • X-rays
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings


Our adult patients also have a number of services they can enjoy such as:

  • Restorations
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Laser treatments
  • Gum lift rejuvenations
  • Treatment for TMJ and sleep apnea


If you live in the area of Brentwood, CA and want to speak with Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and his team about the possibilities for family dental care, contact us today at (925) 344-5296. Our front office staff can schedule families for initial consultations with our team of dental professionals.

Where to obtain dental implants in Brentwood, CA

At Brentwood Family Dental, your dentist is your artist. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury takes great pride in helping patients of all ages in not only improving the health of their smiles but also the appearance. Cosmetic dentistry allows him to address aesthetic concerns for his patients. Patients with beautiful smiles share them more often with others. They do not hesitate in smiling, laughing, and socializing. They have a confidence that is seen in their actions. However, patients who are struggling with imperfections of the smile may feel self-conscious about how they look and avoid social situations. This is where Dr. Jamil Alkhoury comes in. His practice offers cosmetic and restorative dentistry options that improve health, function, and beauty, including dental implants.


Dental implants are just one of many ways patients with missing teeth and bring back their smile’s appearance and functionality. These restorations are made of titanium. The implant resembles a small screw that the dentist places into the bone of the jaw and restores with a dental crown, bridge, or denture. This allows patients to repair the smile after tooth loss with a permanent, natural-looking option. Dental implants are an alternative to traditional dentures or dental bridges.


Dental implants can be obtained in the Brentwood, CA area from Dr. Jamil Alkhoury of Brentwood Family Dental. He not only places them but also restores them, eliminating the need for referring his patients to a specialist they do not already know and trust. Everything is done in-house and saves patients time, money, and energy in restoring their appearance. Implants are often chosen by patients because they can last a lifetime and have a high success rate with proper placement.


If you live near Brentwood, California and want to speak with a dentist who has the ability to repair and enhance the smile, contact the team of Brentwood Family Dental today by calling (925) 344-5296. By scheduling an appointment, you are taking the first step in enhancing the smile and addressing lost functionality and appearance.