Specific tips for dental health when wearing Invisalign orthodontics from your dentist near Oakley, CA

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is beneficial for teens and adults who wish to gain more confidence in their smiles by correcting misalignment. Our in-house orthodontist provides a careful assessment of each patient, and recommends Invisalign when the aligner method seems as though it will produce optimal results.

Invisalign is a clear choice for many people. In our image-conscious world, it pays to handle orthodontic problems with discretion. There are obvious benefits to treating misalignment with Invisalign. Like conventional braces, however, the aligner method is not without certain guidelines. In our dental office, we strive to ensure this method of orthodontics is clearly understood by our patients from Oakley, CA and surrounding areas.

Patients understand that one of the beautiful aspects of Invisalign is that the aligners are removed for meals. Some patients may feel that this does not apply to drinking beverages. The recommendation, however, is that aligners be removed for both eating and drinking. Just as there are risks to teeth, as well as aligners, if they are worn during meals, there are also risks associated with certain beverages.

Aligners and beverages

Invisalign aligners are custom-designed out of strong plastic material, which is formed after being heat-softened. This thermal-plastic material can change shape if exposed to hot beverages. Should the shape of an aligner change, the outcome of its wear will not be as planned.

The clear plastic that forms aligner trays may also become discolored or cloudy. To prevent the discoloration of aligners, it is beneficial to remove them before consuming beverages such as colored juice or soda, tea, and coffee. Another way to keep aligners looking their best is to clean them daily during your regular oral hygiene routine. Brushing aligners gently keeps plaque from building up on the plastic, which helps to prevent discoloration.

Teeth, Invisalign, and beverages

One of the great aspects of Invisalign is that aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing. This design allows patients to maintain their normal oral hygiene habits. It is important, however, to attend to oral hygiene with attention to detail. Teeth are covered by aligners nearly 100 percent of the time. This coverage limits contact between teeth and saliva, a beneficial fluid in the mouth that protects teeth from bacteria. With this decreased contact comes increased risk of cavities, which is reason number two for removing aligners when you wish to enjoy a beverage other than water.

Although there is a snug fit with Invisalign aligners, there is the possibility that sugar from a beverage can seep into the area around the teeth. The sugary or acidic liquid on teeth may increase the risk of decay, especially when less saliva is present to dilute the sugar.

Invisalign is intended to promote healthy, beautiful smiles. Following the recommendations of your dentist, you can achieve the desired results.

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