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A single missing tooth can have a dramatic impact on the smile. Oral health, as well, is affected when tooth loss occurs. Today, tooth replacement is better than ever whether we are replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or we are treating an individual who is ready for an alternative to floating dentures. Since the development of dental implants, men and women dealing with tooth loss have found new hope for a bright future.

Prior to the availability of dental implants, tooth loss was treated with restorations like partial or full removable dentures or a fixed bridge. There was not, until now, an option for full stability in a full denture appliance. Though a fixed bridge is a stable appliance for the replacement of multiple teeth, the drawback with this restorative option is that stability comes from two healthy teeth. Whenever possible, the preference is to leave natural tooth structure intact. Dental implants allow us to do just that.

Dental implant treatment is about more than tooth replacement, it is about replicating the most natural structure possible. An implant, inserted into the jawbone in a simple office procedure, acts as a replacement root on which a beautiful, durable restoration can become extremely stable.

There are several advantages to treatment with Brentwood implant dentist Dr. Alkhoury. Patients of Brentwood Family Dental can feel confident in our team's dedication to their needs. The implant procedure is performed with precision and is made very comfortable through local anesthetic. The results of this procedure far exceed what has been previously possible, which is why most people choose implants as their ideal form of tooth replacement.

Versatile in what it can accomplish, implant treatment can be combined with the standard bridge to achieve excellent functionality and a natural aesthetic. Compared to conventional bridgework, the implant-supported bridge stands out for several reasons:

  • The results of implant treatment can last a lifetime.

  • The functionality and feel of implants is so much like natural teeth that even our patients forget they have implants.

  • There is no need to alter healthy teeth for stabilization because implants are secured in the jawbone.

  • In the absence of metal clasps from a bridge, gum tissue is better preserved.

  • Implants supply stimulation to the bone, which keeps the jawbone healthy.

The long term benefits of dental implant treatment are proving to be extensive. There is nothing like having natural chewing and speaking function and a natural-looking and feeling smile. After tooth loss, this remains a possibility.

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