Seeing the dentist about gum disease treatment near Discovery Bay, CA can reduce systemic inflammation

Gum disease is a condition that has been extensively studied for years. Over the course of various studies, researchers have discovered the complexity of this disease process, and it effect on our lives. As more has been learned about gum disease, it has come to light that this condition has links to cardiovascular disease. To date, studies continue to determine to what extent gum disease affects the heart and other vital organs.

Inflammation may be caused by several factors, one of which is chronic infection, which is precisely what gum disease is. The persistent state of infection that gum disease supports does not remain only in one localized area, or even only in the mouth. There is a widespread response by the body's immune system, with system-wide inflammation developing. The consequence of this is an increased risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attack and coronary disease.

Recent reports from a Scottish Health Survey study show this connection vividly. The study’s intent was to investigate oral hygiene's role in the development of inflammation markers in cardiovascular disease. Spanning eight years, the study followed participants' brushing habits, and then compared them to the incidence of cardiovascular problems. Nearly 12 thousand people participated in the study. Of the total, some degree of cardiovascular disease was experienced by 555 people. Most events were linked to coronary heart disease. Of these events, 170 deaths occurred. Those participants who reported they rarely brushed teeth showed increased inflammation markers, and the subsequent increased risk of heart attack or other coronary event.

Dr. Alkhoury is a dentist who takes gum disease very seriously. In our office near Discovery Bay, CA, we see gum disease for what it is: chronic infection leading to systemic inflammation. Gum disease not only breaks down the connective tissues needed for stable teeth, it also weakens the jawbone itself. In people over 40, the principal cause of tooth loss is gum disease, and, with age, the risk of tooth loss due to advanced gum disease increases.

We are committed to helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Routine dental examinations will closely look at gum tissue around each tooth. It is our goal to detect gum disease in its earliest stage, where we can promote healing with conservative methods such as professional cleaning and education on oral hygiene.

Keep your smile disease-free. Contact us to schedule your dental check-up with Dr. Alkhoury.
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