Inflammation in gum tissue responds well to early treatment in Brentwood, California

Gum disease is a problem that concerns many adults. We know enough about gum disease to know we want to avoid it. What many people do not know, however, is how to go about protecting the gums from inflammation and infection. Ideally, preventive treatment will be obtained on a regular basis. When necessary, however, Brentwood, California dentist Dr. Jamil Alkhoury can address gum disease effectively at any stage.

The importance of routine dental care

Dentists cannot stress to their patients enough the benefits of routine dental care. The recommendation is that dental check-ups and standard cleanings take place every six months. Individuals who keep this habit are far less likely to experience troublesome dental problems that require extensive treatment. Gum disease, in particular, can be detected right away in the routine dental exam, allowing our team to act quickly to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Do you have gum disease?

When you look in the mirror, you may see straight, bright teeth that shine in the light. What cannot be seen by the naked eye is plaque, a sticky substance that harbors aggressive bacteria. Plaque is behind several dental conditions, such as cavities and gum disease, due to its ability to adhere to tissues and feed bacteria. When these microscopic organisms live on teeth and gums, these tissues become weakened by acidic byproduct. Much of the development of gum disease cannot be seen or felt. Estimates are that a high percentage of adults have gum disease but do not know it. If it has been more than six months since you have seen your dentist, we invite you to schedule your dental checkup at Brentwood Family Dental.

Why we want to treat gum disease as early as possible

The initial stage of gum disease involves the surface gum tissue. Because of acidic byproduct, this soft tissue becomes irritated and inflamed, but not to such an extent that it is noticeable. This is what is so dangerous about gum disease! If we were to wait until damage could be seen with the naked eye, we would not be treating gum disease until the periodontal ligament and bone were involved and, at this point, there is a real risk of tooth loss.

Gum disease does not only affect the teeth and oral tissues, it affects the whole body. Guard your smile and your health. Schedule your exam and cleaning at Brentwood Family Dental today.
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