Tips from your Antioch area dentist - easing your child into pediatric dentistry

In our dental practice, children are approached differently than adults, with an emphasis placed on communication in language easily understood by children. We feel strongly about the importance of positive dental experiences in a young person's life, and strive to create an open, trustworthy environment in which every patient of any age can feel comfortable receiving care from their Antioch area dentist. In providing a high level of high level of pediatric dentistry, we hope to create future adults who find it easier to obtain necessary dental care without anxiety or fear.

When a child can visit Dr. Alkhoury with a parent first, not as a patient, he or she is more capable of seeing dentistry as a beneficial experience. Seeing a parent as a calm and relaxed patient has a great impact on a child, leading to an immediately good impression of our dental office. As there are instances when a child will visit the dentist for the first time without first being a “visitor,” there are steps that parents can take to facilitate a positive experience.

  • Speak of personal dental experiences in a positive light. There is no humor in frightening a child of his or her dental visits.

  • Talk about oral hygiene in age-appropriate language, depicting your child's dentist as the person who will help get rid of "tooth monsters" or whatever language you wish to describe cavity-causing bacteria. Especially when a child is experiencing the pain of a cavity, promote your dentist as someone who will help, not hurt.

  • Feel confident in your child's dentist, knowing that Dr. Alkhoury will provide gentle, compassionate care. When you feel calm about your child's dental visits, he or she will also. We are happy to meet you before your first appointment and give you and your child the opportunity to meet our friendly staff in advance of any treatment.

  • Share only necessary details with your child before his or her dental appointment, leaving most of the communication in our hands. Dr. Alkhoury and his staff will take care to explain examination and treatment details in a way that promotes confidence and calmness.

Dental professionals expect most children to feel somewhat anxious during early dental visits. With this in mind, we provide the special level of care required, communicating to our young patients that they are in good hands.

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