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The teeth whitening process differs depending on each individual patient. For some, whitening the teeth gradually over the course of a few weeks in the privacy of your own home is the best option. For others, an upcoming event such as a reunion or wedding may be driving the need for a quicker treatment with more immediate results. Regardless of which teeth whitening treatment you decide to choose, the result will be a smile that dazzles.

In-Office Whitening Process

If you like the idea of your teeth being up to eight shades whiter in less than an hour, in-office whitening may be the option you choose. In just one appointment, in-office whitening can erase years of staining left by foods and beverages, lifestyle habits, and aging.

In our office, we use the ZOOM! System, which uses a special light to activate the bleaching agent and intensify the whitening results. Treatment is completed in about sixty minutes. To prevent gum irritation, our team will make sure that they are properly protected.

At-home whitening treatment

Perhaps you aren't in a rush to have your teeth whitened in one appointment. For you, the at-home professional whitening treatment may be the best choice. At-home whitening is also recommended for patients with sensitive teeth, because, in general, the process is gentler on teeth. With at-home solutions, you will achieve results gradually over the course of a couple weeks with daily use of the whitening trays.

At-home whitening also offers customization as you can stop treatment if you achieve your desired shade before the two weeks is over. Additionally, the whitening trays can be kept and used for periodic touch-ups if your teeth experience any post-treatment staining.

With both treatment options, we recommend that patients have a professional cleaning to allow the bleaching agent to make better contact with the entire surface of your teeth. Maintaining your white smile can be done with good oral hygiene and the avoidance or limitation of stain causing foods and beverages.

If you are ready to take your dark smile and turn it into one that is bright and brilliant, call Brentwood Family Dental today and set up your initial consultation. We will work with you to decide which whitening option is best for your situation.
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