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For many decades, we knew basic forms of tooth replacement - the dental bridge and denture. These methods of replacing teeth are being supplanted, or at least heightened, through innovative new techniques and technologies. Over two decades ago, dental implants were being used as a new form of tooth replacement. The first patients to receive dental implants are still enjoying their restorations, showing us that this treatment has merit in dentistry. Today, dental implants are the new standard, used individually or as an enhancement to dentures or dental bridges.

Your dentist in Brentwood provides treatment using all on 4 or all on 6 dental implants. The all-on-4 method was developed in consideration of those with limited bone tissue, or who desired a stable tooth replacement at a more affordable cost. This alternative treatment combines the best of restorative technologies, and addresses multiple issues of tooth loss. As it sounds, the all-on-4 solution consists of four dental implants place strategically into the jawbone, where they will become fused over a few months of time. In use for over ten years now, this procedure has a success rate of almost 100 percent.

This technique works well in many cases, designed especially for areas where bone density is low. Typically, no bone grafting is required for placement, and function is immediately restored. The procedure is performed by your extensively trained dentist, beginning with the application of local anesthetic. Four dental implants are placed at precise locations in the jaw. You will feel no discomfort during this procedure. After the placement of dental implants, the framework of new or existing dentures is placed, and temporary teeth attached.

Dental implants integrate into the jawbone in a period of three to four months. As implants become firmly situated into place, a permanent set of teeth are created and anchored onto implants through denture framework.

The all-on-4 dental implant process is ideal for those who want stability without replacing teeth individually. Having this type of implant supported denture, you regain your ability to eat various foods without concern. Comfort is restored, as there is no risk of slipping or rubbing against the gums, and you will feel as confident in your smile as you did with natural teeth.

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