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Should you lose a single tooth or face the necessity to replace several teeth, you now have more options than ever before for naturally beautiful and strong restoration. In the past, a dental bridge or dentures were used to replace teeth lost to trauma or decay. While these treatments are still used today, many patients prefer a solution that is more self-contained. Dentures will always require the use of denture adhesive in order to stay in place; and a bridge will always rely on the strength of surrounding teeth. In Dr. Alkhoury’s practice for implant dentistry in Brentwood CA, patients now have the option to permanently remedy missing teeth with the dental implant.

When a dental implant is used as an alternative to dentures, the patient is able to feel a greater degree of confidence when enjoying foods he or she loves. Unlike the standard denture which uses adhesive to stay in place, the dental implant is a prosthetic that is permanently affixed and therefore able to function as needed.

The entire process of dental implant placement takes several months. Beginning with your initial consultation, Dr. Alkhoury will assess your general health as well as the state of gums and jaw bone, as all need to be satisfactory in order to facilitate successful placement. An implant or implants are placed while the patient is comfortably sedated and numb. During this initial procedure, a small titanium screw is inserted directly into healthy jaw bone, and gum tissue is secured over the implant. Over the course of the next few months, jaw bone will grow around the implant and secure it into place.

The next part of the process is the placement of the abutment, the portion of the implant that holds an artificial tooth. In this quick procedure, gum tissue is cut away to reveal the implant and then the abutment is placed. Gum tissue is then secured around, but not over the abutment. Once the gum tissue has healed, a permanent crown is placed onto the abutment and your smile is effectively restored.

Implants don't have to be as drastic as full-mouth restoration. In many cases, Dr. Alkhoury places a single implant for full aesthetics and function. If you are a denture wearer who would like to restore confidence in smiling, speaking and eating; or you're only missing a single tooth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Alkhoury to see if dental implants are right for you.
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